Jeremy Yamamura (Born 1981) received his BFA in motion and video in Bordeaux France in 2004 and has been associated in the early 00’s to a local renown street crew with ethos to keep art raw and simple, without the embellishments and details of 90’s Wildstyle Graffiti, a much more direct and punchier approach.
Jeremy’s project “DOGZZZ” started more than 20 years ago in the streets of Bordeaux.
 The characters initially inspired by a simple doodle took on various shapes and forms over time, always spreading a positive fun energy while giving a social commentary.
 Jeremy held his first exhibition in 2005 while living in London immersing himself in the center of electronica, drum’n bass and UK bass music scene.
In 2006, Jeremy decided to go to Japan where he has been working ever since as an Art Director and Motion Animator for major companies including Nike, Beats and MTV to name a few. Jeremy has been active showing his works in Galleries using various mediums such as paper, canvas, wood boards and animation.
In the streets, Jeremy now participates to his local community in Tokyo for which he paints to support small independent businesses and creative people.
 Dogzzz have been his best friends and his lifetime propaganda!

個人のプロジェクト “DOGZZZ “は、20年以上前にボルドーのストリートで始まる。