My name is Jeremy Yamamura, born Jeremy Sanson in France in 1981.

In Japanese, “San” (山) can also be read “Yama” (mountain) and “Son” (村) can also be read “Mura” (village), hence my nickname.

I studied visual communication in Bordeaux, and moved to London for a couple of years after my graduation in 2004.

While working as a freelancer in graphic design, web & graphic design, animation and video, I discovered VJing and started playing venues around London. In 2005, I joined the creative company “Shomedia” based in Hoxton Square.

In 2006, I decided to move away from London and flew to Tokyo where I still am today.

I first worked as a freelancer doing moving images, graphic and web design, art direction, illustrations, etc… before joining Denbak-Fano Design in 2009.

What I enjoy the most is handle projects from start to finish, but also love being involved on a specific task.

During my free time, I paint dogzzz.

In 2019, I also join the France-based production company 18-55


Some of the brands and people I worked with / for:


Best music video for “Mutant Session” at NYIVF (New York International Film & Video Festival), 2011




Denbak-Fano Design Co.,Ltd.

2F, 1-15-1 Aobadai, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 153-0042